Thursday, November 17, 2016


 Do you know what the Ancient Olympics is? if not read on for some information.This term my class made protects. We had to use key words for our reports.   
 The thing I struggled with was the super annoying conclusion and the introduction but the rest was not as hard as I thought . I needed to try to put information and not all my funny Angus bits because otherwise its is not a report. Something I am proud of is fixing my mistake at the beginning an being happy with my final result.

                                             here is a picture of my artifact and report                                                                                                                                                            

Do you ever wonder what are some of the most dangerous and gruesome sports ever? Well I can tell you one of them the Ancient Olympics. The first Ancient Olympics were held in Ancient Greece. This report has everything you need to know about Ancient Olympics. I hope my quality Ancient Olympics report  tells you everything you want to know about the Ancient Olympics.   

Who competed
Only men could competed because the Olympics was for training the men for war.  The Ancient Olympic athletes could not be a slave and they had to be free a man and they had to speak Greek. Women could not compete in the Olympics but they had there own event called Heraia.
What athletes wore
Once a man got tired of tripping up on togas when he was running in the stade race. togas made people fall over and hurt themselves   and they were hard to run in because togas went down to toes like a long skirt.  So then men ran in loincloths but even these slowed the athletes down because they would often fall down .  But the man still thought loincloths were hard to run in so he tore of his loincloth and won the race . Because men ran naked women had there own event called Heraia.      

The Pankration was a mixed sport with two events boxing and wrestling the only rules were  no eye gouging and biting.  Athletes could do anything else to try and kill the other person. You were allowed to keep on fighting even when the other person was down and dead. The Pankration was the most dangerous Olympic sport. and only men competed. The athletes would be really really lucky if they managed to survive and get out alive.  

People made sacrifices on cows as a thank you to Zeus. Zeus has the power to throw thunder bolts at things. when he got mad he would throw lightning at the people that disobeyed him.  Zeus has loads of myths like how he overthrew his father. Zeus is the king of gods his son is Hercules zeus has 92 children and his wife is Hiraia.

The winners Prize  
If an athlete won a race or an event he would  get a olive wreath as a medal. Back then the people of greece didn't have medals so they  got a olive wreath .Greece was rich with olive trees that's how they got the olive leafs .A olive wreath in greece is called kotinos.  

Now you have read my report I hope you know all about the Ancient Olympics and enjoyed reading my report. Don’t forget that the athletes won olive wreaths and not many  people came out alive from the Pankration. Would you go to the Ancient Olympics?  By Angus

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Marcus Daniell

 I have been learning about key words and gathering information for my report.Making a report was fun but at first it was a bit tricky because the google search dident always come up with what I wanted. I had to put in some different words for it to come up with what I wanted. but now I have put in the right infomatin  . My report was based on Marcus Daniell because we are learning about the Olympics and he is competing.    

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Matariki means Maori New Year. We have been learning about the seven sisters. The seven sisters are seven stars in the sky. My class had a choice to do something for Matariki. I chose cooking because cooking sounded like fun.
In cooking we made fish pie and fry bread to share with the hub. The grating challenged me and I grated my finger instead of the cheese. I learnt from this but was nervous when I was grating the carrots because I might grate my fingers again, so I crossed my fingers.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Image result for asterix
Asterix is a gaul he lives in a gaulish villageImage result for asterix romans
With his friend Obelix together they fight the Romans. Asterix is the guy punching Romans and Obelix is that chubby dude whoops I take that back he might bash me.
Well he likes eating wild boars. We'll put it that way and that little White puppy is Dogmatix they go on the craziest adventures ever. I like Asterix because he has a great sense of humor. I recommend Asterix a comic that will keep you hanging for more.

Here are the main characters Getafix the druid ,Cocoix the bard no one likes him they say he so annoying because he sings and plays music too much,and finally Vitalstatistix the chief
Image result for asterix charactersImage result for asterix obelix getafix
Now here are the Romans

Julius Caesar

Image result for asterix charactersImage result for asterix romansImage result for asterix roman characters           

Empirea and the roman soldiers. I Recommend if you like Asterix you will probably like the Beno and Tintin or Buster.

Friday, June 3, 2016


story a mystery to keep the reader thinking. My story will 
leave you hanging for more.
Im am proud of this sentence because it gives you a FRIGHT:
They had flesh coming on there face and they
they didn't move apart from their mouths they keep
on repeating help us save us save us captain
then a mummy popped out from behind the the dead pirates and and and throw them into a hidden trap door three pirates then said “you had been warned” in a harsh voice “no” cried the captain


This story is going to blow your mind
from ANGUS the aurther (author)

Once there were ten pirates they where all nasty and mean
they ruled the seven seas but one day after a long journey they arrived at ancient Egypt to steal the pharaohs treasure but when they reached land a
old man stopped them don't go into the pyramid
Its got boobytraps “get out of the way old man”
Said one of the mean pirates so the pirates
ran over to the pyramid “you'll be sorry” called the old man. Later the pirates were even closer to the treasure of the pirates had disappeared all they could hear was a scream as a shadow rolled over them then there was a long silence “you” yelled the captain pointing at a pirate “look if the path is clear” the pirate picked up a torch and took a few steps towards the corner suddenly
all the torches went out and there was a sudden darkness
then a cry of horror no one moved until the torches
torned on “look at this cried a pirate in a high shrill voice in horror all the pirates stared closely at the out line of
a PIRATE!  All that was left was a cutlass and a shiney
Gold doublon and BLOOD. Later WHEN TWO MORE men had meet their fate the six pirates went on and on and on
SUDDENLY the walls shock as a huge boulder rolled towards them THEN DISAPPEARED this is very strange
thought the captain. An hour later three men disappeared
The captain was getting really worried. That's when thing
WORSE the captain turned around and found SIX
They had flesh coming on there face and they
they didn't move apart from their mouths they keep
on repeating help us save us save us captain
then a mummy popped out from behind the the dead pirates and and and throw them into a hidden trap door three pirates then said “you had been warned” in a harsh voice “no” cried the captain
Image result for cartoon blood



Thursday, June 2, 2016


How to be a ventriloquistImage result for dummy puppets slappy

Being a ventriloquist can get really tricky especially
in front of an audience. A ventriloquist has to be able to
talk without moving the lips it's trickier than you think.
There are different types of puppets and the puppets get harder to control.  Here is the order of puppets.  Finger Puppets are very easy to control all you have to do is put the puppet on your finger and move your finger around.  Next we have another puppet the one when you just have to put it on your hand and move its mouth.  Now this is when controlling a puppet gets tricky. There is a puppet on strings.  You have to move the strings to  make it move. The trickiest of them all is a DUMMY! A dummy has buttons and levers inside it's body to make it move. A ventriloquist is all about talking without moving your mouth.     IMG_20160526_153310_1.jpgIMG_20160526_154208.jpgIMG_20160526_153611.jpg

Here are some of my puppets                                                     



                        I use them all for my ventriloquism.                              

Follow these instructions to be a first time ventriloquist

You will need
*a puppet or a dummy
*a mouth that doesn’t move

1. Write a script with laughs        
2. Shove your hand up the puppet
3. put your longest finger into the puppets head
4. Try to not move your lips
5.  practice acting before being in front of an audience

Thursday, May 12, 2016

perimeter play ground

In maths we have been learning to calculate perimeter of a shape.
A perimeter is the out side of a shape.
We had to add up numbers to complete our perimeter task.
I enjoyed making my perimeter play ground the brown bit is the mud
fighting arena the black bit is the hanted (haunted) house the white
is the chocolate beach the green is the dragon ride
and lucky last the reds the roller coaster. I have learned how to
slit numbers up into tens and ones.